10 Home Games to Do with Kids

The weekend is coming, which usually represents more time with the children. So, how about devoting yourself to a project to do with your children? Here are 10 home game tips that are fun, easy to make and still have the advantage of not having to spend a lot of money.

For Children From 2 To 4 Years Old  Animals Game

The activity consists of printing pictures of animals and putting together cards with them. The children receive the cards, draw one and play to make the sound and imitate the animal drawn.

Docking Set

A second game that worked very well with Gabi was a plug-in game in which you draw the contour of the pieces on a piece of paper and the child needs to find the correct shape of each drawing.

For Children From 4 To 7 Years   Labyrinth

Click here  to see the step by step of the straw maze or one of the other 9 toy models that you can make according to the material available at home. Here at ABERDEENSAVINGS.com you can get more toys models.

Dish Twister

See here how to do.

Canyon Football

Puddle football or Soprobol is another mega-stimulating game that is soooo easy to do. See details on how to create yours in this one.

For Children From 7 Years

Airplane Racing Game

Since we’re talking about tape crepe, it can be used for another simple and fun game: The Aircraft Rush!

Pass The Ball

Another simple and easy game to play: pass the ball. Simply cut paper towel rolls in half to create two gutters. It is in them that you put the balls to pass from one person to another.

Dish Old Game

This is a known game, but we have a different way of playing that makes everything more fun.