10 Ideas For Wall Clock Crafts

From the 10 ideas for wall clock crafts create your pieces in a unique and exclusive way. You can use recyclable materials that you already have at home, so that your watch, as well as differentiated, is also very cheap.

10 Ideas For Wall Clock Crafts

With some objects you already have at home, you can surprise your guests by turning recycling into beautiful wall clocks!

How about calling the kids to get together some of our 10 wall clock ideas? Let’s start?!

10 Ideas For Wall Clock Crafts

To make a wall clock with baking pan or skillet you will need:

Baking sheet with holes or common baking sheet or frying pan;

Drill with specific drill bit for pans;

Wall clock machine with hands;


Glue everything;


Domino stones or numbers of your preference for your watch.

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. If the baking dish you choose does not have holes, or if you are going to use a frying pan, drill a hole in the middle of the piece with the help of the specific drill. Mount the watch machine in the center of the piece, in the hole made. Mark where each piece of the domino should stick and paste or paste the chosen traditional numbers. And it’s ready! Just hang your piece on the wall now.

A beautiful and special wall clock can be achieved only by fixing the clock machine to the wall, using or not a complement to hide it, and use as numbers the most diverse pieces, such as ornament birds, for example.

Check out the rest of the 10 wall clock crafts ideas we brought today to entertain and differentiate your crafts. Remembering that it is always good to innovate in your pieces, be it the style or the color.

Watch the video at WALLCLOCKSTATION.COM and learn how to make a wooden wall clock.