10 Tips To Keep Children’s Toys

In this blog I usually talk about toys but today we give thoughts. I’m not going to discover anything new if I say that I have serious problems of storage of toys at home. He’s not just because I have two children, boy and girl that age almost bend, which, although they share some, each have their own toys; but, as you see in this blog of children ‘s toys, much of my work it is to try and then give my opinion about them What those toys where they go?

The truth is that we usually sell them to NGOs or charities but still have many. Sometimes when I go home, I do not know if I right or wrong direction and I ended up in a toy store. And as among accompanied by someone and I tell you. For a second I want to die: cars over the furniture, dolls, couch full of stuffed animals of all kinds, the little kitchen miniCHEF, the stroller baby Valentina, the Playmobil Jorge in single file … with what I have It has been to the order. If he had even had floors with zen decoration.

By the end I just resign myself and think that is what touches, that will happen while they are young and then I’ll miss. However, today I want to give you some good advice to store toys and have a more collected and tidy home (if only for a few hours).

  1. Throw away those old, broken or your child no longer use toys.No tires.Take them to a center, church or hospital. Toys already tired your children can brighten the days of others. You can also sell second-hand pages and make a little money, for example, buy new clothes or school supplies.
  2. Use storage systems such as boxes, containers, bags … on the website of online purchase of furniture and home accessories Livingo are going to find plenty of options, aswell as functional, are very decorative for children ‘srooms, such as wicker baskets, organizers canvas with compartments, cardboard boxes or monísimas patterned precious vintage suitcases.
  3. Choose transparent containers.This way you will see what they contain naked eye.
  4. Separate the toys into categories.In a box puts all puzzles and board games, in other parts of construction, in other paintings, in other Barbies, in other cars … so you have all the toys of the same style in one place.
  5. Put labels.Each container colócale a label with what is inside.You will not have to rummage around to find the toy at that time your child wants.
  6. Separate seasonal toys.There are times of the year in which the kids play a lot with some toys and others where not touch them.For example, all toys beach or pool as floats, inflatables, buckets and shovels beach, pitchers of water, etc., you know that in winter are not going to use, so you can store them in a place most forgotten storage rooms , attics and funds closet until next summer.
  7. Purchase multifunctional furniture.A nice bed for your kids room can be very useful to sit down to read a favorite story, but what if you get up and have all a huge space to store toys without being in the midst?It is a very good idea to organize and save space.
  8. Decorate with shelves.They will put the favorite dolls at the time of our children and so have them collected either by hand but for the next session of games.
  9. Use the doors.Behind them we can hang a shoe organizer and store there stuffed animals, doll clothes, household kitchen, etc.
  10. Betting on Mary Poppins method.Let him see your kids to pick up it is a game in itself, almost as fun or more than any toy.

I hope these tips storage of toys will yield something useful and help you maintain order and balance in your home. Do you use any more?