120 Million Devices Running IOS, But Not as Many IPhone as It Seems

The last week during the launch event of the new players and versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, was the Steve Jobs himself who said that the company had reached the 120 million devices sold with operating system iOS. A mobile Park which is seems very juicy facing any company that develops applications. However, not all such devices are iPhone in their different models as some want to make us believe.

The issue is not a trivial matter, as and how much Apple aims to cope with the growing demand for devices marketed with somebody that is the Android version that incorporate. At least so says it market analysis by Asymco research company.

We can not ignore the fact of the large number of units of iPad sold by Apple in a short period of time. Sales to continue to grow, but which however only represent about 3.2 million of the total. What must just add 59.6 million units that correspond to different iPhone models.

The developer of the study has estimated that around 8 million iPhone and iPad 4 million were sold by Apple between the months of July and August, leaving some mysterious 45.2 million devices whose identity seemed priori unknown. However, Asymco has hurry to grant an Honorable 37.7% of the total to the different generations of iPod touch.

The good that can be drawn from all this, is that Apple has managed to place on the market a device that it exceeds the sales generated by Nintendo and Sony number of portable entertainment devices you with respect, thus increasing not only the coffers of Jobs and their acolytes, but also of all those companies who bet on this platform for the marketing of video games.

What is bad and obvious, is that the supremacy of Apple in the mobile telephony field may be compromised with the passing of the months. The ‘ antennagate ’ not has too, favored you to win the distrust of many users and the discontent of others who have gone to the side of Google. A barrier difficult to overcome when making box.