1950s and 1960s Fashion

The 1950s and 1960s were a revolutionary period for the fashion industry. New synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and acrylic were created at that time. feminine silhouette in complete last, long skirts with a fitted frame or straight. Teenagers of that time began to find their own identity instead of just copying the way their parents. This young fashion influences then continued in the 1960s.

1950s and 1960s Fashion

The Chanel Suit

The infamous Chanel suit has become a style icon in the 1950s. Many other designers of the time and since have attempted to reproduce the right silhouette design signature Coco Chanel. The dress featured a boxy tweed jacket, collarless with a skirt right knee length, together. The suit was adorned with braided trim and accessorized with a classic pearl necklace. The original Chanel suit was expensive because of its high tweed texture, the silk lining and manufacturing.

The Baby Doll Dress

Teen made the popular babydoll dress. This is a dress with an empire waist. The belt line fell just below the bust line, about two to three inches above the natural waistline. The dresses gives the young woman a childish aspect, they prefer because they would not look anything like their mothers.The dresses were short and flared. Their popularity continued into the 1960s with a shorter hemline.


The miniskirt and mini dress became popular in the 1960s it was the first time in the company as senior hems were popular. It began as a street fashion and made its way to high fashion, haute couture shows. The trend has been tremendous worldwide. The miniskirt has even become the controversial micro mini skirt.