1950s Kid Clothes

The 1950s is known as a time for compliance. adult fashion of this period is often remembered as being dull and gray for men and women and safe for women. For children, this was also the case for much of the formal wear, however, the 1950s also began trends in casual fashion that would affect adult and adolescent fashion for years to come.

1950s Kid Clothes

Casual clothing for girls

Daughters almost always wore dresses in the 1950s, except for very casual situations, when they would wear blue jeans. Casual Dresses included jumper, which would be half long and could be worn over a blouse.

Formal dress for girls

Formal Dresses were worn Sunday and were half long and colorful fabric. The girls would often wear white gloves with their dresses. Marin inspired dresses were also popular with the girls in the 1950s and could be worn to school like other dresses.

Sportswear for boys

Jeans has become very popular for boys in the 1950 Blue-jeans Levis or Lee armbands were worn with their bent an inch or more. Boys wore T-shirts and cotton long-sleeved shirts. Stripes and colors were common for shirts for boys. Sneakers, cowboy boots and short motorcycle boots were also popular choices for sports shoes.

Formal clothing for boys

Boys had formal clothes, they wore to school or Sunday. A coat sport shorts, dark pants and dark leather shoes compounds of the official uniform. Many schools required that boys wear khaki or pants instead of jeans, which were considered too casual.