3 Mascara Tricks for Fuller Eyelashes

Do you want fuller eyelashes? With these tricks and some mascara manages the perfect eyelashes

So you get full eyelashes.

We all would prefer fuller eyelashes. For this need not necessarily go to the beautician. With a simple mascara you can make-up fuller eyelashes according to information on TheNailMythology.


Sometimes a mascara not sufficient simply to achieve the desired effect. With a mix of mascara that can look quite different. Best, a mascara as a base coat that separated the lashes suitable for the full lashes look. This wear still a more mascara, which ensures more volume. And ready is the style for the eyelashes.

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The right move

When you apply mascara, there is a trick to automatically turn the eyelash upwards. This makes the lashes look fuller and longer. For this purpose, set to the mascara on the lower lash and move it slightly to the left and right. So, spread the mascara perfectly and separated the individual lashes at the same time. Then, drag the brush down to the tips of your lashes. Using an eyelash curler turn the eyelash upwards.

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Both sides make-up

Always only front, apply your mascara to the eyelashes? Then you should try this trick. For fuller lashes should cover also the lashes back with mascara. To do this, close the eye and apply the color on the downward-pointing lashes. It can be helpful to create a cosmetic towel under the eyelashes, so that the color on the face.