5.1 First IOS Leaks: New Screen Unlock and Siri Learns Languages

Since last December, Apple launched the beta version of the long-awaited version 5.1 of iOS developers, little or nothing has transcended its possible news about. Given the change in version number, all hope really major changes, although the first coming from one of the released beta leaks, more specifically a “ pre-GM ” or “ end pre-candidata ”, not glimpsed more than what the images themselves reflect.

One of them is the access the camera from the unlock screen of the device, which currently is shown performing a double click on the Start button, which is impractical.

Fortunately, and after seeing the large number of users who were unaware even of the existence of the shortcut, Apple will change this leaving the permanently active camera icon on the screen. Added to the everlasting by horizontal sliding of the Unlock button, the camera application would be fully accessible with a vertical sliding the screen, becoming an important step for the most intuitive iOS interface, replacing the buttons with the use of gestures.

In addition to this, we have the confirmation of something already rumored in recent weeks. It is of the incorporation of the Japanese among the languages supported by the Siri voice commands recognition system. Unfortunately, Spanish speakers will have to continue waiting, despite being the second language most spoken in the world, above even of the vernacular language of Shakespeare.

Other minor changes were also discovered as the possibility of access to the network 3G data on iPhone 4S uninhabited and some pictures from a blog of Greek origin that suggest the possible incorporation of text to the Notes application.