5.1 IOS Gold Master Could Be Ready and Full of Novelties

A few hours because that Apple Open box of Thunder with what clearly seems to be the presentation of a new model of iPad, begin arriving rumors about the set-up in time and form the long-awaited update of the operating system iOS.

So, iOS Gold Master version 5.1, that is known to the final revision of the developed software in Cupertino, seems to have successfully passed all the tests to which has been subjected, arriving in time for its official launch for which some media are already running on March 16, along with the new tablet. And what will be new?

As we already noted on a previous occasion, different filtered images were clearly in sight a improvement in access to the camera Since the iOS device lock screen, as well as the incorporation of the Japanese to the compendium of the controversial system of Siri voice recognition languages.

While the latest from rumors of a known hacker claim the arrival of at least two new features still unknown for the rest of us and that nothing they should do with all poured in different media on iOS 5.1.

Namely, Notes application with rich text, a new keyboard improved for the drafting of emails within the application Mail or iTunes Match on 3 G are some of them.

New options with possibility of deleting images in the photo streaming functionality icloud ballots it also has to be one of the new additions to the new iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system.

However, and as incredible as it seems us, while some claim the return of the button to disable the 3 G phone connection, we can not to pass comment on the possible evolution of Siri through which we could go to capture pictures, video or even activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections with the use of the voice.

Many of them for which we have to wait to the gala presentation out of doubt definitely rumors.