5 Coats to Invest

Temperatures have already descended and a good coat always gives way. The way the fall is worth remembering what are the best coats to invest. Prefer neutral tones and versatile pieces, in order to match what you already have in your closet. An overcoat, a trench coat, a jacket, a coat of skin and a Cardigan (Cardigan) are good bets for the next season’s wardrobe, because you can use them in various contexts and occasions.

  1. Above all

A good above all makes all the difference, because it protects it from the cold and is very comfortable. Prefer the size the 3/4 (by the height of the knee), especially if it is lower. To elongate the silhouette can also use it open in order to create a vertical line. If you want to highlight the waist a belted model is more elegant and can use a medium or wide belt on top to give it that special touch. Neutral tones are perfect to combine with other colors, such as black, gray, camel and dark blue. Soft and warm, wool and cashmere coats are always a good investment for the next season.

  1. Trench Coat

Ideal for cold days and rain or Demi-season (autumn and spring), the trench coat (created by Thomas Burberry to protect the British soldiers during the first world war on the battlefield) is a practical, lightweight piece that can be worn over the jacket. Better known in your beige tone, with Plaid lining and belt, the trench coat is timeless and so never gets old. The most popular tones are black, beige or Navy Blue, but if you want a more striking look can opt for the cobalt-blue, Burgundy or red. Try to tie a knot with the belt to modernize your look.

  1. Blazer

Like the classic black blazer, pants can be used in a meeting or business lunch, as dinner or cocktail at the end of the day. Prefer the classic cut belted, one or two buttons. Super-slim, this third garment is quite versatile, so invest in a good quality model. If you work in a formal setting, prefer blazers to neutral colors (grey, black, Navy Blue and beige), as well as discrete patterns (for example, pinstriped and Fishbone). You can also put a belt on a blazer to mark the waist. The important thing is to use a model suited to your size and body type. Women with more curves and low must wear a blazer with a length in the middle of the hip, while the highest can opt for longer models.

  1. Leather Jacket

Nowadays, you can find a huge variety of natural or synthetic leather jackets, which are very practical and elegant, for those who prefer a more casual look. The perfecto model is a classic, and both can be used with jeans or a skirt. Black and camel are quite versatile, because they combine with all the wardrobe, but if you want to make a difference bet on the gray, Burgundy or pastel pink. In addition, the jackets are perfect for the weekend. But attention to the material they choose, because napa can pass an image of poor quality and cheap.

  1. Cardigan

With round neckline or in V, with or without buttons, the Cardigan is very comfortable and can be used in all seasons. To give a touch more sophisticated, enjoy to mark the waist with a belt or wear a brooch. The Cardigan can also give a touch of color to your visual and works well on any body type and age. The models in Kashmir are the best (and most expensive). Invest in a classic model, which is timeless.