5 IOS Could Withstand Reproduction in Full HD and Take Panoramic Photos

Tell me, there is no better way to reach the end which has been long-awaited week of the? WWDC 2011 with another serving of warm rumors over Apple iOS 5?, Right? The kinetics of the situation not to be missed.

In addition, these rumors are well juicy and interesting, since they talk about functions they have not mentioned in the presentation of iOS 5, but would be just as attractive as the one announced by Apple: iOS 5 incorporated reproduction of content in Full HD 1080 p and take pictures in Panorama mode in its final version.

Once taken the news with logical skepticism that must be tackled any rumor that boasts, although in this case the truth is that they seem to be pretty reliable data, let us see what we offer in each function.

Play videos in Full HD will have no secrets for iOS 5

Apparently Apple is determined to enter fully the new experience of seeing videos in 1080 p on their iOS 5 devices thanks to its native video player. This is possible because even the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 they wouldn’t have problems to reproduce such content.

Until now iTunes has not allowed to synchronize these types of videos. They have some lucky ones who could have tested this function that the reproduction It is really smooth and looks really good.

Panoramic photos, the last step to perfect the camera application in iOS 5

Turning to the controversial issue of the renewal of the camera application in iOS 5 and its similarity to previous applications expelled from the App Store, we are now with the possible inclusion of a new interesting feature: the possibility of capture panoramic images.

This nor is new in iOS 5, since we can find applications in the App Store as ‘360 Panorama’ which do exactly this kind of catch. Indications that there may be this feature come directly from the emergence of a very revealing code within the application:

/ * Camera * /

PANO_OPTION = “ Take Panorama & #8221;;
SAVING_PANORAMA = “ Saving Panorama & #8221;;
CANCEL_PANO_BUTTON_TITLE = “ Cancel & #8221;;

Will it be the final version of iOS 5 very different to the one presented this week? Return Apple to surprise friends and strangers with its features at its scheduled launch for this fall?