5 IOS on an IPhone 3GS, First Impressions

As they say in a colloquial way, many users we realized with a song in the teeth to check that our almost obsolete iPhone 3GS could still enjoy a dignified old age You can receive in their guts to recently presented iOS 5, against all the previous rumors. And what surprises even more, to see oneself as a smartphone of 2009 still moves the latest version of the Apple mobile platform with unexpected ease.

Still hangover lasts after the binge of innovations unveiled on Monday, to the point that there are already many people have been able to prove the first beta version of iOS 5 conveniently validated by Apple within hours of the end of the event. And as predicted the own Steve Jobs and corroborated subsequently in the keynote that it gave the kick off to the WWDC 2011, We are in the was “post PC”.

In the case of the iPhone, it is visible in the Activation Wizard running after completing the installation of the operating system. After the initial novelty of not having to go through the ring of iTunes to operate the device, we have the unpleasant surprise of not be able to make use of a MobileMe account with iCloud, not be completed the migration process. Not in vain, we must remember that all software updates not estraran running at official until next autumn.

Some not fully translated to Spanish texts and a small degree of confusion with different accounts (Apple ID, MobileMe, iCloud) that lead to the App Store to show the recurrent does not correspond with the appropriate country notice and having to suffer the appropriate redirection, are some of the bugs detected in a first beta with a high degree of stability.

iOS 5, required evolution to the taste of many

As Samuel Campos, our fellow Applesfera, said in his article “ a first look at iOS 5 and its novelties & #8221;, iOS 5 does not imply a major change in the management of data, something which if occurred with iOS 4 and the introduction of multitasking. In Cupertino have been limited to expand and provide greater functionality to some elements of the platform, as it is the case of notifications, collecting in many cases already existing concepts or ideas, using a suitable adaptation.

However, this does not diminish merits to developers who have endeavoured to present a product efficiently and very tight to the needs of many users, some of which now arise to return which prodigal sons waiting for the future to make it effective.

A good number of applications in the App Store are fully functional on the iPhone 3GS without even requiring some sort of adjustment to the new version, as usual from the beginning. In addition to a fluency when browsing through the different screens, both the system and applications, which might improve their performance in comparison with iOS 4.3.3.

The 600 MHz Samsung processor that leads inside just they shrink during synchronization with iCloud, causing some delay in response to keystrokes. Something that is noticeable if you have enabled the option “Online photos” and wanting to send a picture to Twitter using the option in the system menu. Integration, on the other hand, arriving late and only removes two steps at best, when wanting to send an image to the aforementioned social network.

The second youth of the iPhone 3GS

Perhaps notifications which carry the Palm and the applause of the community with the new unified management method in a Panel only, much more attractive, practical and much less intrusive the model until today.

However, best of all is to check with two email accounts electronic push (iCloud and MobileMe), intensive use of 3G and enabled notifications, as well as geolocation for those programs that require it, iOS 5 behaves in one way more than adequate in energy resources consumption.

The icing on the cake, at least in my case in a way nothing objective, is the simple fact to enjoy all this on my iPhone 3GS, living a second youth in a terminal that believed already finished. All their noble parts to the vaunted kick planned obsolescence.