5 Lipsticks to Rock in Summer

Hi my loves? Who loves lipstick? Well, summer is the doors and nothing better to rock the look and divar with that Tan than a mara color on the lips.

Well, I’m in love with lipstick and I think you have realized that to see me posting pictures and videos I’ve done talking about my collection, hahaha (if you haven’t seen it, click here: http://floralamakeup.com/.) In today’s post I will talk about 5 lipsticks to rock in the summer. Are colors that are super high and you can only have one in your necessaries.

1 – Orange Lipstick

The color is already the face of summer and now the footprint and more open colors neon will come with everything but that doesn’t mean the colors more closed not appear too. If plays in the Orange you will pan out.

2-Nude Lipstick

Who said that only have vibrant color for the summer? Nude lipstick is also a gamble for the warmer season. What can you do that I really like is to make that make and use the kicking nude in the mouth or take and do the famous make clean face style that is super high now too. There’s no shortage option, you will pan out the same way.

3-red lipstick

This color doesn’t need to station right? The open red tones look great now in the summer, but no matter the tone, it’s feel beautiful and femme fatale isn’t it?

4-Pink lipstick

I am eternally in the pink mood, because I love everything that has the color pink and I think this color is summer’s face. If plays in pink!

5-Purple Lipstick

I am in love with purple and this shade of lipstick is beautiful in any season, the lighter to darker and I’m going to use a lot in summer. Bet on the purple lipstick and storm in the summer!

If you still had any questions of what colors to use to carve it up and finish the enemies, now there’s no more excuses to get and pass that lipstick mara to go out with her friends, go shopping, go out with the boyfriend or even go to the super market and stop traffic.Tell me, do you like these colors? What is your favorite?