5 Must-have Pieces

Who doesn’t love buying clothes and accessories without spending a lot? Actually, it’s very good panning in department stores, thrift shops and bazaars to ensure cheap parts. But, some items, because they are timeless and of good quality, they deserve a bigger investment.

Check Out Our List Of 5 Essential Items To Compensate Pay A Little More:


Every woman deserves a good leather bag, classic, in a neutral color and of excellent quality. Regardless of the brand, is an accessory that enhances the look and that can last for many years.


It is better to have a few pairs of good quality, that a wardrobe full of bad shoes. Choose a classic model such as a good pumps to go with many outfits and be comfortable. Generally, the best leather shoes and more comfort, cost more expensive, but worth the investment. Your feet thank you!


A nice jacket made with a good fabric, cut and trim flawless, is a piece that will last for decades and that allows you to create a multitude of productions. Better buy a nice neutral color blazer, like Navy Blue or black, having a lot of blazers more or less. Invest in quality. The vests in tailoring also appear as pieces-and that can bind off productions with a sophisticated touch, and at the same time modern.


The jewelry are great choices to improve the looks, but nothing compares to the power of a piece of jewelry. You don’t have to be a great piece, a ring or a joke that can be used daily, ensure the glamour. This is an item of greater investment, but is eternal.

Are parts you will use and that may even be merged with semijoias.

Black Dress

Every woman knows the importance of having a little black dress in your closet. However, it is not enough to be a dress. This piece should be of excellent fabric and have a trim structured, that enhances the body and is appropriate for any situation.

Like the tips? Once you have the basic elements in the closet you can already start to acquire different parts that will make a difference in the productions. And remember that less is more when we invest in the correct parts.