5 Tips for Taking the Diaper Out of the Night

There is not a certain age to remove the diaper. Parents should be aware of the signs children show, have patience and a lot of patience. Here are some tips to take off your diaper at night .

5 Tips for Taking the Diaper Out of the Night

Unfurling does not happen overnight and some accidents will happen.

The night desfralde is somewhat feared by many parents. While daytime accidents resolve with a shower and a change of clothes, an accident at night involves showers, changing pajamas, changing bedding, and often dealing with a well-awakened child in the middle of the night.

The main dilemma of parents is whether to remove the diaper from the night simultaneously with the diaper of the day.

Tips for taking off the diaper at night


Although some children leave the diaper at night, experts advise it to be done in stages.

First the diaper the day after when the stool is well controlled move to the night unfurling.

Less liquid

If you want to do the nocturnal unloading the ideal is not to offer liquids to the child from 19 hours.

Drinking water or milk at night will make you want to pee during the night.

It should take you to pee before going to bed.

In the early days should take you to the bathroom in the middle of the night


Most mothers wait for a signal that the child is prepared for this step, ie that they wake up several days with a dry diaper or ask not to put on a diaper.

These are good indicators that the child is ready to sleep without the diaper.


One tip used by some mothers is the conversation with their children.

Explain the process and use some books.

In these cases you can lay the child in panties and then without it put on a diaper to see the results.

Know how to give up

Children are all different. There is no age at night to unfurl.

Some children are around 2 years old, but there are many who extend diaper use at night up to 3/4 years.

Realizing that the child is not ready yet is not a sign of defeat is a sign that he is letting his child develop at his own pace.