5 Tips on Choosing an Engagement Ring

The choice of an engagement ring, symbol of commitment in love, does not lightly. We give you 5 tips to choose an engagement ring.
The trend is the engagement. And even though the tradition of the engagement has evolved over the years, an engagement party without ring… are not true engagement!

Choosing an Engagement Ring

Real desire to make this special moment, we do not choose the so-called ring in a hurry. Don’t panic if you’re not sure how go you, we give you 5 tips to make the right choice.

Tip 1: a budget is defined

It is the b – BA! The price of engagement rings can quickly soar. So, before launching headlong into the search of perfect jewel, one defines the budget that we want put in this engagement ring.

Silver, yellow gold, white gold or Platinum? It is this previously defined budget that will shape the material of the engagement ring. Namely, Platinum is the metal more expensive since it crashed less than silver and gold which can deform and oxidize quickly.

Moreover, sometimes it is better opt for a precious stone that is smaller but better quality. An idea that 56% of women share, according to a survey conducted in July-August 2014, by the jeweler Vashi Dominguez.

Tip 2: the style of the ring adapted to that of the person who will wear it

A little common sense! If the person that we want to offer an engagement ring is rather discreet, we skipped the vintage rings to large pebbles (like Kim Kardashian). If she wears yellow gold, we obviously opted for a yellow gold ring. Told you, is a matter of common sense. If the future engaged to small hands, avoid too large rings and vice versa if she has big hands, care is taken to not to buy an engagement ring too small.

A single watchword: observe the future bride and harvest the small clues that it sows…

Engagement Ring Style

Tip 3: we will not hesitate to buy a shifted ring to make his request in engagement

The great compromise to bet on the effect of demand engagement surprise without err on the choice of the ring.

The idea is simple: you buy a ring (fantasy, classic or offbeat, this is the choice) cheap just to make his request. All women without exception to remember the day J, one where they were requested in marriage.

And then, we’ll choose the ‘real’ engagement ring with the woman of his heart. And there no risk of being wrong.

Tip 4: most men prefer a solitaire diamond ring

If according to the same survey, more than 50% of the French would prefer a solitaire diamond as engagement ring, should not even generalize. Simply because no law or rule doesn’t exist in this area. There are other stones that we do not think priority which are also pretty (and cheaper) as quartz, tourmaline, Sapphire, emerald… And other mounts of most graphic rings.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Tip 5: we already think the style

Who says said engagement wedding. So, when choosing her engagement ring, already trying to visualize the style of alliance heading heading. The engagement ring and the alliance with them both to the same finger (ring finger of the left hand) for a good time. So, we try to choose an engagement ring that will go well alongside the alliance.

For a nice engagement ring vintage style, to mount a bit retro and a little less expensive, we hesitate not to ride on the side of the auction (for example Drouot) or jewelry of opportunity. We find sometimes great finds that we can again work by a jeweler to jeweler.