5 Tips To Hydrate Yourself In The Car With Your Bottle Of Water

The Importance Of Hydrated Lead

With the operation return in full swing, is very important to get home safe and sound. For many, the trip by car can be long and tedious, and Nalgene we want to help you with a few Tips of hydration so you get home without losing nearly energy.

How, is the key not in the water. According to a study by the University of Laoughborough and the European Hydration Institute (EHI), dehydration for a driver reduces his reflexes and makes you make the same mistakes that a person under the influence of alcohol.

Having a water bottle close is essential for any trip by car, so buckle up and follow our advice of hydration in the car.

Hydration Tips For Drivers

1.    Drink plenty of water and other liquids

When it comes to hydration, many think exclusively in water, but this can be combined with other healthy drinks that make the process of hydrate a bit more fun. Try to put in your Nalgene Bottle pieces of fruit, juices, and not forget to drink some tea or soft drinks healthy not to lose the benefits of proper hydration.

2. In order to refresh every two hours

Long car trips can be an ordeal if there is a single conductor. If it is the case that not can be partitioned the journey more than one person for every two hours, salt of the car, stretch and pit liquids. It takes to go to the bathroom and don’t drink water.

3. He always carries one or more bottles in the car

Best of Nalgene bottles is that they are ecological and healthy, that is why, they are perfect for travel.

For example, you make a proposal: choose one of narrow mouth to the driver, who often drink but few SIPs. Thus, it will prevent any accidental spills.

For the Copilot, a Multidrink and its three ways to drink (straw, narrow mouth, or wide-mouthed). Both bottles can go in the area of vessels.

And for the little ones, a Grip N Gulp and a Kids OTF with protection anti spills, which can be stored in the pouch behind the front seats.

4. Keep the bottle of cold water as long as possible

No one wants to drink hot water, summer or winter. You have already told how to do the maximum to keep water bottle cold as long as possible. Get a case for Nalgene bottles and will ensure you a fresh bottle much longer than you think.

5. Calculate how much water you drink with a hydration plan

It should not be an exact calculation, but a journey of 8 hours to one of 18 is not the same. Therefore, according to the Institute of water research and health, it is recommended to establish a “hydration plan”. What is it? In analyzing the distance, travel time and how many people travel by car. In this way, makes you a target to meet and know that you’re well hydrated throughout.

Best Travel Bottles

Nalgene water bottles are perfect for travel, bring on the bike, car or bike. Fill it out before leaving the House and ensure a source of hydration and energy for the whole day. Choose your Nalgene water bottle at NOVOWATERBOTTLES.COM to go with you.