6. Alternative to The Galaxy Phablets Note 7

Samsung promised that its Galaxy Note 7 was going to be protagonist in what is left of the year, but not even the manufacturer imagined to what extent would it be and why. The relationship that promised to be love, romance, Teddy bears and flowers It has become a burning hell (one of the latest jokes that we can tell about the phablet, I miss).

Before the suspension of production and sales of the terminal, along with the request to turn off and return all the Note 7 (with a lovely kit to not burn you alive), now people will have to consider alternatives. In this article we have assembled five phablets that could replace the nearly deceased Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

To stop production and sales of Note 7, Samsung has decided to increase the rate of production of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. If you are not a spiteful despite the discomfort caused by the manufacturer and want a Samsung phablet, Galaxy S7 Edge will be the best substitute, since at the level of power is the same.

You will lose the S-Pen (none of the candidates has it) and you’ll keep a double-curved screen on the side edges. The theme of the usefulness and comfort of the side edges is very long to discuss, but if you think they will like you, to replace it you won’t have to spend money. If you think that those edges are nonsense, we offer you alternatives.

You can find the terminal for €609 at Amazon, though surely if dive by the network of networks will be able to find it even cheaper without need of a premium account.

LG V20

If Samsung has pulled you out of your boxes and you have asked for the money back you, you might want to invest in a LG V20, a phablet with the same screen size and a mini display in the upper zone for shortcuts to applications or to activate and isable some and the most important connections.

You’re going to win, that Yes, the possibility of remove the battery while it’s a terminal built in metal, Perhaps whatever that you can endure more time with the terminal if the battery is the only problem. In terms of power you will not have any problem, as it has the latest in hardware and a camera that is sure that you will not be disappointed.

For what if there will be problems will be to get it, since It is not even in the European market, and the Korean manufacturer has not given a date in which this can occur, if that it occurs, so the cookieless would import it if you have enough money and patience.

My 5s Plus Xiaomi

One of the most recent phablets is the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, with his my 5s Plus, grows up to 5.7 inches and maintains a price of scandal. Does not leave out the excessive power typical of a high end of this year to bring its Snapdragon 821 and variants of 4 and 6 GB RAM.

Another interesting fact is that it brings a generous 3800 mAh battery which, by maintaining the FullHD resolution, surely will give you one more than decent autonomy. The bad thing is that you will have to import it, making a little raise the more than €300 to the change in the most basic model, but if you’ve chosen to recoup the money of Note 7, you could almost say that the terminal leaves you free.

Xiaomi English page you can find the terminal for 449,99 dollars, which may increase shipping. However, the terminal is much deserving penalty taking into account the hardware that brings.

OnePlus 3

One of the most striking handsets in the first half of the year has been the OnePlus 3, the fourth terminal of the Chinese subsidiary of Oppo. This terminal will see all the hardware in a high range, with its 6 GB RAM and your design quite reminiscent of the HTC One M9, which is not necessarily bad.

Perhaps the grayest aspect is its 3,000 mAh battery, that may be something just depending on the type of user, but almost total likely will let you get to the end of the day without problems. If you have little time to load the terminal, with its technology Dash Charge You can get more than half of the battery load in half an hour.

One of the details that caught the attention was its price of €399 in their official website and the fortunate disappearance of the invitation system. Because there is no relying on import pages, the price of the terminal will not increase. That Yes, we notify you that the Gold version is out of stock and the silver version would take 4 weeks to arrive.

This delay may be due to the fact that, according to rumors, the terminal could leave discontinued in favour of a new version with the Snapdragon 821 and LCD panel, since there seems to be problems so they provide them enough AMOLED panels to meet the demand. However, just in case, it is still highly recommended.

Huawei P9 Plus

One of the manufacturers which can never be left out a good list is Huawei, and is its offer of terminals made by its becoming in one of the largest manufacturers worldwide. To defend the high range in the first half of the year, Huawei P9 Plus is chosen in terms of phablets.

Its double camera, made in collaboration with Leica, is one of the most striking elements, which joins a more than adequate 3400 mAh battery. Today price is €588 at Amazon, though digging for some safe websites that you can find cheaper.

It is a smartphone really balanced, although perhaps more take back whatever your customization layer, that in addition to be very far from being pure Android, its beauty is rather questionable, although surely more than one owner of this terminal takes juice to its extra functions.

Bonus: iPhone 7 Plus

Already in the first ‘recall’ of Note 7, were not few users who decided to get their money back and, with it, buy an iPhone 7 Plus to see his heart broken into a thousand pieces. This is, for many, This mobile is bought to punish to Samsung, almost as one that is bundled with the person worse fell him to his former partner.

Really, to be done with this terminal, We need to be very sure you like iOS and you will be much more comfortable to use this terminal that one Android, because cheap, iPhone, are not, at Amazon you can find it by € 899. It can be said, by users, it is the worst punishment that you can give to Samsung, give money to its largest competitor.

Ironically, the big screen iPhone born fashion, initiated by Samsung with that first Galaxy Note, that the phones had to grow. This may be the option least covered by not wanting to change the operating system not to abandon the freedom that gives Android, but is an alternative, and here is.