6 Bets for Summer Beach Fashion

Temperatures have soared, there’s no need, therefore, wait for the summer to start enjoying the beaches and pools scattered to the four corners of the country.

With that, of course, there is a growing interest in trends and innovations that arise each season.

So we’re going to show you now what are the main bets of the big brands for the new season of scorching sun.

But, I know that’s really democratic, for all tastes and styles. Want to know more of the swimwear summer 2016?

And it’s worth betting on Bikini or swimsuit, from those with the least to the most behaved cloth, with a retro-inspired footprint in the 60.

And the body has also been strong for the summer 2016.

Learn more about some trends that promise to make the head and the corpitcho of chicks in this new season of sunshine to the PIN.

Beach Departures

OK, the loose dresses and shorts shorts will still show up, but what will be on the rise even in the new season are the oversize pants, with length at the time of cinnamon, making a perfect duo with bikinis, Swimsuits, and even tops, to that post after party beach.

And those who want a more fresh look, with the station, the tip is to bet on hollow fabric. Now, when the idea is to stretch until later, in this case, the tip is to bet on lame models with discreet shimmer.


Great for those who wont change in a bikini every day, since the mark is a big girl, they are the face of the station, and it has everything to do with who loves to give that basic resurfacing by edge.

And get ready, because the tops promise come in various shapes–each for a bust type or style.

And if you play in a shoulder, Halter, Trapeze and high collar, they’re going to help vary increasingly in Beach looks momentarily, giving an extra charm to production.

Handcrafted In High

Everything to do with our climate and with the country’s current time, manual work and handicraft techniques are occupying more space in this scenario of swimwear, and arrive at Sands with full force. And it’s on knitting, crochet, and screens applications until lacework, according to aberdeensavings, adding more personality to the beachwear swimwear summer 2016.


Of course, those who do not give up looks more sophisticated, you will also find your space in praiano scenario. Because the silk, silk crepe, wool crepe natural … anyway, those richest tissues will also be seen in swimsuits and must appear as more sophisticated option to the already known parts of spandex.

Who listened to the catwalk from Lenny Niemeyer knows exactly what enrich means the beach look.

Palm Trees

The flowers and the leaves yield space to the Palms in swimwear, bikinis and swimsuits by 2016. And may appear alone or in idyllic landscapes. That is, the Palm trees promise to be the print of the time, being the choice of coconut water and Salinas shows this year.


Usually go to the parties by the pool? Then you’ll love knowing that the body is super high, being the perfect choice for looks of stretched and parties, so, you know, can invest in this play without fear, because it remains in full force next summer.

The news now is the pattern, bringing squares, cobblestone, circles, and other geometric forms like print. The cool thing is that it’s a super versatile, and may be part of swimwear, as well as looks.