6 IOS Will Be Presented on Monday at The WWDC

A picture is worth a thousand words, and how good our partner of Engadget, by much secrecy that Apple wants to keep says about what your next project, the slightest mistake can end with the surprise effect. Effect that, on the other hand, occasionally to been voluntarily cancelled by the company, thus getting an extra dose of advertising.

As in those that we are now, to be able to check as a huge poster mounted on the premises of the Moscone Center, which will host the WWDC from next Monday, Announces revision of its mobile platform iOS 6, which the own Apple does not hesitate to wedge as the of the “ most advanced mobile operating system & #8221;.

Greater integration of iOS with the future Mac OS Mountain Lion, the expansion of functions of iCloud with consequent data synchronization between devices or the possible and definitive implementation of its own system of maps they can be some of the new features that we see in the presentation of the operating system. Not to mention a hypothetical availability short-term Siri in other languages or Visual enhancements and the Centre’s management of notifications, as demanded by the user community.

However, this does not imply that iOS 6 is published in a short period of time, given that Apple could measure the times properly in the face of Premiering as a platform for the next generation of iPhone. Is uncertainty about compatibility with devices like the iPad’s first generation or the iPhone 3GS, which could come in the final cycle of life do not receive the relevant update to iOS 6.

On Monday we will leave doubts.