6 Tips For Beautiful Bras

Almost every woman has a favorite bra that she has been wearing for years. But actually a bra has on average only a lifetime of 8 months! Shocking! Here you will find 6 tips to keep your bra as long as possible.

How to wash the bra best?
With the hand! Be careful (especially when washing multi-colored bras) that the bra does not stay too long in the water!Rinse the bra with cold water and place it to dry on a towel.

Would you rather wash the bra with the machine? Then use a washing net (especially for fine lingerie and lingerie with lace).In addition, use a fine detergent, wash at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C and set the washing program to wool.Bras do not belong in the dryer!

How often can bras be washed?
BHs should be washed on average after wearing four times.This is, of course, different for every woman.High temperatures, perspiration and body odor were not considered.

How do the colors remain beautiful?
Lay lingerie with pronounced color combinations first in water with a little vinegar.This keeps the colors and does not wash.Wash red and dark parts separately.Do not use white detergent for pastel or cream bras because it often contains bleach.

Never wear a bra for two consecutive days!
Why not?Not for hygienic reasons, but because the elastic part is then too much stressed.When worn, the elastic is stretched and in the long run, the bra then provides less support.Therefore, at least one day should always be in between before the same bra is worn again.During this break the elastic can recover.However, if you really do not have a choice (it will happen), then you can ‘quench’ the bra by rinsing it briefly with cold water.As a result, the elasticity is recovered more quickly.

Do not fold your bras together!
Particularly preformed bras can be damaged more quickly when they are stowed together in the closet.The cups are then crumpled or damaged.The best way to store bras is to put them one behind the other in a drawer.

Do not hang on your bra long!
When the elastic part is expanded, the bra no longer provides sufficient support. You should therefore have several bras and change regularly. In addition, your cup size may change under certain circumstances. Therefore, you should always measure yourself in our store, so that you are sure to wear the right bra size. In addition, there is a handy online tool that can help you find the right size.

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