90s Fashion Back in Style

Also they have returned them. The years from the most controversial trends, the Spice Girls and Britney Spears. The years when fashion definitely not gave to all, yet the designers and brands, it seems, some features were missing.Here are five that we like and the 5 that we would have gladly avoided.

We say yes to:

I mom jeans

We promote and we like them because they are a model of jeans that no squeezes the figure, but enhances it and gives it to all types of physical. They are called so because they are, in fact, the jeans worn by mothers par excellence. Life is high and they are not too tight at any point. The traditional ones such as Levi’s 501 are pretty rigid, this also allows you to create curves where there are not. They pretty much are worn with everything from t-shirts basic to the most romantic shirts, from sneakers to heels shoes.

Plaid shirt

A classic of grunge style, the plaid shirt in red, blue or other colors, it opens the door with a simple t-shirts, tight pants and boots or Converse. E ‘to be promoted and we are happy about his return. For a very 90s look it can also be worn knotted at the waist, combined in a somewhat ‘random, as does Cara Delevingne.

The camouflage

Alone and take only in small doses, a garment or accessory at a time: if it is so we accept this trend, among other things, beloved by celebrities. A classic is the jacket with many pockets, must-have purchase that you recommend for next fall.

Stan Smith

Among the major trends of the year, actually born in the 70s, but raise with huge success in the 90’s, these Adidas are the feet of all. We like them, of course, for their simplicity and classicism.The success is in this cleanliness and simplicity, in a period when the sneakers are a bit ‘too elaborate.

Ah, do not forget that the model par excellence is the one with the green.

Crop Top

E ‘already the second summer in a row we wear them, but the navel discovered is a must of the 90 If in that period is often matched to the low life, our advice, to make more contemporary crop top is to wear it with a high waist, revealing little skin. Only in this way will have the effect of slim the waist. And ‘one of those pieces with which you have to understand their limitations in short, but at the same time is very versatile and perfect for this season. To combine both short skirts that.

We say no:

Plastic heads

Skirts, but pants and tops. All that is plasticky does not convince us either. The risks of such a look is far too long: the transparency effect cotechino, from the sauna that you will wear to the noise when you walk. Unless it’s for a theme party, it finds it difficult to imagine a situation in which such a result does not look likely. One exception: the backpack PVC, that’s adorable.

Hair trends

In the 90’s hair have certainly not past their best period. Among the most absurd tendencies hair to Bjork, loved today by the young Miley Cyrus, the hanks, the streaks marcatissime, hair pulled up with small springs, the frisé: perhaps these are the hairstyle to which we look with more melancholy, but our review photos and celebrities with certain look is highly effective.


This fabric is good for the details, maybe a T-shirt, but the total look chenille, especially if it is a suit, it seems a little excessive. The effect is that of a mega plush whether in pastel colors or a bad upholstery. Among the American star is the classic look from the flight, we limit ourselves to wear it at home.

The baby carrier

Tolerated exclusively for a mountain hike. But the carrier is in the city and in other contexts, definitely an unattractive accessory and unfeminine. In case, however, any of you were just tempted, here are some examples that we could save, to carry with infinite irony.

The elastic plastic necklace

We all wondered how we could bring this horror … Yet the tight collar around the neck is back.We do not like just for the fact that you are wearing it only for fashion, but we know that no one likes.