A Rumor Says That 6 IOS Could Include ICloud Tabs, “Do Not Disturb” Mode and Mail VIPs

Expected OSX Mountain Lion takes borrowed several things of iOS5, but the future 6 version of the operating system for mobile devices will do the same as his older brother.

According to rumours (as always, from sources well informed, how it would be if not) the next iOS6 will include support for iCloud Tabs, Mail VIPs and mode “ do not disturb ” notification Center.

iCloud Tabs allow users of iCloud keep synchronized Safari tabs between equipment and iOS devices Mac. Don’t expect to see your iPhone “ cloning ” tabs on your Mac (at least in its first version); According to this rumor sources, by clicking on the button of iCloud Tabs will be shown a list of the open windows on each device, and you can choose which tabs you want to open.

Another new feature, if confirmed, will be the VIP Mail, which is nothing more than a marker with star shape in the emails received by a group of people that you select. This group VIP, if assigned to iCloud account, will be synchronized between devices iOS6 and Macs with Mountain Lion.

Finally, the way “ do not disturb ”, which allows to disable audible alerts and notifications Center banners. Confirmed, it seems that it will comply with what promises the name & #8230;