A Single Shoulder Dresses

One-shoulder dresses again this year will become fashionable. This design very sexy, fresh and attractive, as subtly lets us show a little more of skin than with a traditional dress with shoulder straps. Also, simply expose a single, rather than the two, makes it more sensual.

The good thing is that this type of dresses is very good to all the girls. You don’t have thin arms, nor need to have marked shoulders. What if you have to take into account some details and advice to wear a single shoulder dresses that can help us to look this way more beneficial and elegant style.

Do you have to go to a party or an important event the next week? As a woman, I imagine that you’re already thinking that wear. Well, here’s a great idea: a dress of the color that you like with one-shoulder neckline. What do you think? But before using it you have to take into account the following tips.


-Wear the right bra:

Start with a very obvious tip, but truly it is worth clarifying. This type of dresses are not used with Bras with straps. Since the dress is specially designed to show a shoulder, you must at all costs avoid this type of support.

Best is that you use Bras strapless or, even, if the dress has a good fit on the front and fabric allows it, you can even take it put without bra. But is is for the girls who have small breasts.

-Highlight with accessories:

You can highlight your neck, you can wear long and large earrings, they are very delicate and feminine. Or if not, you can take to put a small collar, but in case that the neckline is not closed. Another accessory for the daring girls may be a temporary tattoo on his shoulder that will look very well because your dress will leave him exposed. And to see which accessories to use with a one-shoulder dress, enter here: Fun-wiki.

-Perfect skin:

As you are going to show a little skin, this has to be in good condition. Make sure that your arms and shoulders skin looks spectacular. Exfoliate your skin and then moisturize it with a little moisturizer that has a rich aroma. Thus, your skin will look bright, beautiful, and smooth.

-Self tanning:

Another great idea is to take a little color. I may not do much heat to Tan in the Sun or you do not want to expose you because you have very sensitive skin. Any is your case, you can choose by an artificial Tan. To do this you will have to apply it for many days before using one-shoulder dress and obvious throughout your body so it is even.