Action Launcher 3.13 Beta Adds Several Changes and Improvements

We are in 2017 but the trend of the past in terms of applications launchers year remains the same: follow the designs of Pixel Launcher, What will be the only application Made Launcher in Google after the imminent extinction of Google Launcher. We have already seen the trend in past updates of Action Launcher, and as far as we can see, so it will continue in the near future.

Action Launcher 3.13 will arrive in the next few weeks, but already you can get with the Beta version pointing you in Google Play. The changes include several changes to the interface, several improvements of the App Shortcuts (formerly called Quickcuts) and changes and internal optimizations.

Changes and improvements in the App Shortcuts

The App Shortcuts, shortcuts for the Launcher, Launcher Shortcuts or Quickcuts, according to how you want them to call, receive the greatest amount of attention in the first Action Launcher 3.13 beta. The first change is the most obvious and will help to reduce confusion: not already called Quickcuts, but App Shortcuts.

These App Shortcuts they now behave as in Pixel Launcher, both in design as in operation: for aactivarlos to do a prolonged touch, unlike the gesture of sliding that worked previously.

This change allows an icon to make use of the shutters and the App Shortcuts. The shutters are widgets in an application that can show to make a slip on the icon. Another novelty is that different an App Shortcut menus can be Drag and add to the desktop as shortcuts.

Action Launcher 3.13 changelog closes with new indicative to show an icon has covers, shutters and App shortcuts and the animated icon in the dock to indicate the opening of the drawer of applications (provided that use Pixel Launcher drawer style).

Action Launcher 33.12.4

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Chris Lacy
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Customization