Action Launcher 3 Adds Timer Notifications

Once a month Action Launcher updated including interesting improvements and new features. We have with us the December Update, the 3.12.1 version available in Google Play and which is still in the same line of trying to convince you to use it as your launcher for Android.

The changes include support for the counter notifications application, the Dock multiple pages, support for round icons that only include the round icons and function Quickpage, What ceases to be Premium and it is available for all users.

Counter notifications

Counters are the same color as the icon

According to Chris Lacy on his blog, pending notifications counter was with difference the choice thrown more people missing. Among the reasons for not having included previously were need to seek more permissions and the lack of a Standard API in Android to manage these pending notifications.

Thanks to the system of permits of Marshmallow, permissions are no longer a problem but pending notification number remains the same until Google decides to take action in the matter. Meanwhile, the counter is categorized as a function Alpha compatible with SMS, missed calls, events of the calendar and pending messages in Gmail e Inbox.

Dock multiple pages

No matter how many applications you have on your dock, probably never be enough. Your dock’s applications can now have multiple pages and, in fact, if you are coming from Nova Launcher and already had a paged dock, you clone automatically your previous settings.

Free Quickpage

QuickPage is one side page serving as one new page on the desktop, but you can deploy at any time. You can include widgets and icons normally, as if it were any other page. Until now it was a Premium feature and it has now become free.

Round icons that are round

Another interesting novelty is the round icons support, but only if they are round of truth. The objective is to prevent the round icons that are basically normal but stuck icon on a white circle. You’ll find the option in the icon style options.

Action Launcher 33.12.1

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Chris Lacy
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Customization