Action Launcher Is Ahead of Google to Include The Launcher Shortcuts and Icons Round

Chris Lacy, the developer behind the acclaimed Action Launcher Launcher, love experience in your Launcher including interesting functions, and in recent times it has an eye on Nexus Launcher, later converted into Pixel Launcher. Leaks of this launcher, which we probably know more tomorrow at the official presentation of the mobile by Google, have left us to take a look at the future vision of pitchers that has Google.

For example, Google is working on bringing round icons Android, a drawer of applications without button (slide upwards instead), a new design for the search bar, a new style of folders and, although it is not present in the filtered versions of Pixel Launcher, is expected to incorporate the Launcher Shortcuts.

All this is fine, but in order to enjoy these improvements probably you should wait to have a Pixel or at least Android Nougat 7.1 phone… unless you install Action Launcher, and it is that the new version still borrowing various Pixel Launcher and Android 7.1 functions: this time joined the round icons, launcher shortcuts and folder styles.

The first to include Launcher Shortcuts

It is likely that you do not know what are the launcher shortcuts, and not blame you. It is a feature that Google is adding quietly in some of its applications and which know their existence from dissect their APK. They work as well: you drag your finger on a shortcut on the desktop of your device and opens a context menu with options related.

Its use is included in a limited line of applications, Although the own Action Launcher tells you what are from your settings. It also includes a small arrow the icon to display it visually. We have some examples on Twitter, which includes two shortcuts, one creating a new tweet and another go to your posts, or Hangouts, that provides shortcuts to start a chat, a video call or a call.

The system is very well integrated into Action Launcher, making the very natural gesture. That, although the free version shows you the shortcuts – which, incidentally, Action Launcher called QuickCuts-to open them you need the paid version.

With support for the new round icons

A few months ago, Google is in the APK from your applications including alternative round icons. For now no pitcher made use of them… so far and probably tomorrow, judging by the countless filtrations which tells us that Pixel and Pixel XL devices will also have them.

On this occasion, the round icons are not activated by default. Go to Action Launcher – screen settings and activate the option Prioritize round icons. As its name suggests, it will simply replace the normal icons by rounds, always there. Applications that do not have them continue showing.

Boxes, drawer and Pixel-style folders

PixelLauncher-mania goes well beyond, including the new “Google toolbar” that has little bar and more button. Here the approach is somewhat different to the Nova Launcher, and is that rather than including the new toolbar as an old style, they add two widgets to achieve this: one for the button, another for the date. These buttons can coexist with the search bar, which Action Launcher filled with additional options and customization options.

The drawer of applications welcomes the new design “Nougat” (charges apply), as well as the styles of folders, in this case it includes two variants with and without background color. Finally, there is the up arrow icon to indicate the applications drawer opens by sliding upwards. Find indicators – desktop – settings of screen, by selecting Caret.

So, if you want to try the last interface of Launcher as Google already, you can get the most faithful copy so far Action Launcher and to a lesser extent – for now – in Nova Launcher. One thing is clear, both pitchers include many more customization options that you will see in the official version of Google.

Action Launcher 33.10.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Chris Lacy
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Customization