Action Launcher Lets You Use Quickcuts

Action Launcher was able to stay ahead of Google to include its popular pitcher both the Quick Cuts (the form that has the launcher shortcuts-call) and the support for the round icons until Pixel phones were officially presented. A month later it is time to clean house a bit and Polish news.

Action Launcher receives its update of October and has improvements for all. If you have Android Nougat 7.1 includes native support for all Quickcuts and allows you to change the style of the icons to use non-round icons, the Quickcuts are a function free for all, the applications drawer behaves more like the Pixel Launcher and other many minor changes and improvements.

Launcher shortcuts for all

Although Pixel Launcher is ‘exclusive’ to the Pixel devices, both Action Launcher and Launcher Nova have shown us that with a bit of mana, it is possible to have many features on any device, even with previous versions of Android.

Action Launcher was the first to include the Launcher Shortcuts (or Quickcuts), although at first it was a role reserved for the Pro version. They are now free. Chris Lacy included them until we could test them officially so they behave slightly different to as they do in Pixel Launcher: you must slide your finger on the icon instead of a long press. This implementation is not necessarily worse that that of Google (I personally like more), but Chris already tells us that in a future release you can choose.

The Quickcuts support is available if you have Android Nougat 7.1, but if not also use the option in compatible applications. So you don’t have to keep trying, Action Launcher scans applications that you have installed and shows you what have Quickcuts from the settings – Folders, Quickcuts and Shutters.

More Pixel flavor

The previous version included support for the round icons that Google and other developers have been incorporating into its APK, but normally this would result in fairly uniform: a few round icons, and the rest normal. Action Launcher now includes a Pack of icons to the Pixel Launcher that returns all round icons, well because they have a round design native or putting them in a white circle.

The drawer of applications also receives a mode to the most faithful Pixel, with the search bar in the top and opens by sliding upwards from the desktop. This function is reserved for the Pro version. Pixel inspiration comes up to settings Action Launcher, which has slightly modified color to suit the Blue Pixel. Of course, there are the bug fixes.