Affordable Bauhaus Watches

Attentive reader will have noticed that I have a weakness for watches with clear design and understated. Best examples of this are the watches featured here on the blog of max bill series of Junghans and the Stowa marine. These watches are great, no question. They cost more but at least 500 euro–sometimes even a few hundred euro. And not every purse does indemnify it…

Here comes star glass timer from Hamburg with Kickstarter campaign currently running in the game. The founder of Dustin Fontaine has made is namely to bring a classic watch in the Bauhaus style on the market-at a price of 200 euros. And how it looks, it will achieve this goal. About 75 percent of the Crowdfundings are already funded at the present time. And that is a good thing.

Why I now support this project – and in contrast to many other requests not refused (see also Facebook)?Well, there are several reasons. The short version is: the design, the price, the founder.

The design:

It is well thought out and fully coherent. And that’s no coincidence: Dustin has worked for years in Meistersinger. and there apparently learned a few things. He designed the clock itself.

The price:

Thanks to kick start you get the Watch from 129 euros (Early Bird Special). Later, she will be at 199 euros. Either way-just not watch I can think that moves in this price segment, and comes in so elegant.Daniel Wellington & co. believe here can’t keep up with. Because: The star glass model provided to me is amazing “difficult” in the hand and is also equipped with an oiled calf leather strap. Who here expected a “sheet-like” fashion watch with cheap tape is may wonder a little.

The founder:

Dustin comes from Hamburg, Germany. He lives in the same neighborhood as I. We previously didn’t know us-until an email has brought us together. This was followed by a phone call. And at the latest after the first face-to-face meeting with a me his two (!) Pattern watches trustingly handed over, I was clear that I would like to support this project. Firstly because of the clock, on the other hand because of the person. Granted, a certain local patriotism plays also a role. It would been great if here in Hamburg a new watch brand would be.

But back to the clock. That has a very clear dial design to offer even more. Including a domed hardened mineral glass, that supports the Bauhaus look. The Quick change belt leather allows the easy exchange without tools. (I really wonder, why not every manufacturer uses these bands. It would save those unsightly tool scratches on the housing so many watch.) Inside is a Swiss quartz movement(714-Ronda), with date function. The diameter is 38 mm.
On paper this may sound little for some, actually the clock is bigger. My spontaneous tip when first looking at war: 40 mm. I had to even measure it because I just wanted to believe it (I was so off the mark). I’m back’s time on the design of the dial and casing, that which affects star glass slightly larger than other watches with this diameter.

Thus, even the most important details are called. And the star glass is a real alternative to many other (usually more expensive) watches in the Bauhaus style.

More information about the watch can be found in theeliteswatches.

Here’s a tip for all Hamburg-You can get from the 21 to 23 October 2016 which live in the Betahaus (Schanzenviertel) view watch. All other info here.

Last but certainly not least – the star glass in the overview:

-Diameter: 38 mm
-Stainless steel case with screw back
-domed hardened mineral glass
-Swiss quartz movement (714-Ronda) with date function
-oiled calf leather strap with quick change system

Price: from 149 euros (Kickstarter preferential price)

Available according to star glass still in December 2016 (applies only to the first two batches)