All The Themes of SwiftKey Are Now Free

To who you don’t like free things, that cast the first stone and that being uninstalled SwiftKey, as now each and every one of their themes of color are free. Normal subjects? Free. Temas Premium? Free. Packages of themes? Free.

Christmas has already come to SwiftKey and best of all is that you don’t need to do anything. Simply open the keyboard, plays in its new Hub of options and when you enter in the SwiftKey Store You’ll get pleasantly surprised that all the buttons with price pray now free. The occasion is accompanied by a new so-called themes Vivid, also free.

Although it is not strictly clear if the issues are going to be free forever, SwiftKey is responding on Twitter offering Returns for those who have recently purchased items, so in principle it seems that it is not a limited time offer.

Thus, the hardest thing will be choose one from among the more than a hundred themes available in the shop Android. Classic theme of spot colors, or with Christmas inspiration? You no longer need to think so much, because they are free and are changed in a couple of seconds.