Android 2.2 Barre to IOS4 in Javascript Benchmarks

When Google introduced Android 2.2 beyond the month of may, the search engine company emphasized improvements in Javascript performance thanks to the incorporation of a new JIT compiler (Just In Time).

With this added third-party applications run faster on Android 2.2 to 2.1, and many websites with elements Javascripts would be rendered more quickly. The boys of Ars Technica they have decided to carry out some tests in its analysis of Froyo, and they can see that the improvements in performance are very important.

Using the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks a Nexus One with both versions of operating system, shows that the execution of Javascript in the browser on Froyo is three times faster than in the previous version.

Step compared the results with tests that were also to Apple’s new phone, the iPhone 4, and its excellent browser Safari mobile (iOS 4). We see the results graphs:

Comparisons tell us that performance on Android 2.2 is significantly better, being three times faster in V8, and almost the twice more in SunSpider. It seems that Apple is going to have to do a tryout on Safari not to lose the Crown of fastest browser.

People who have Android 2.2 on your Nexus One can report on the improvement of performance in the system, is a reality that the change has been important, but we must bear in mind that Javascript is not everything in the web browser, although it is well to win the competitor war stories in certain sections, in short, the competition is always good.