Android Wear 1.3 Download

Announced in late last night without a publication date yet, luckily we’ll have to wait long to receive the OTA Android Wear 1.3, already being distributed on the first list a smartwatch compatible through follow including direct download and installation. For those unwilling to wait, here are the instructions and the link to proceed.

Android Wear 1.3

DOWNLOAD OTA, directly from Google’s servers (will add more device as they become available):

  • Motorola Moto 360
    Note: as there is no USB connector on Bike 360, and unless you want to remove the clock and build a cable attached, this file is completely useless. We’ll enter as soon as available only for completeness.

    • Not yet available
  • LG G Watch
    • Android Wear 5.1.1: platina LCA43 from LDZ22D
  • LG G Watch R
    • Android Wear 5.1.1: lenok LCA44B from LDZ22D
  • Lg G Urban Watch
    • Android Wear 5.1.1: bass LCA44B from LDZ22D
  • Samsung Gear Live
    • Android Wear 5.1.1: sprat LCA43 from LDZ22J
  • Sony SmartWatch 3
    • Android Wear 5.1.1: tetra LCA43 from LDZ22D
  • Asus ZenWatch
    • Android Wear 5.1.1: anthias LCA43 from LDZ21T


The manual installation procedure is very similar to that of Nexus devices. Of course we assume that you have all the original stock, with recovery (maximum root). If you have Windows, you will need the USB drivers of Google from Android SDK (on, Tucson Smartwatches you can download the latest version) and ADB. You can download the entire SDK, or this small installer, which is very convenient, which contains ADB, Fastboot and USB drivers.

  • If you haven’t already done so, enable debugging on your watch. Go to settings, press seven times on the item Build number. It will appear the toast notification congratulations, now you’re a developer!
  • Connect your clock to your PC using a micro USB cable.
  • Open the command prompt and check that your clock is correctly configured and recognized by typing the command: adb devices. If everything goes as it should, read some numbers just below.
  • Once the check is successful, restart your device in recovery. You can do this for example with the command: adb reboot recovery.
  • Once in recovery, select Install update from ADB.
  • From a command prompt on your PC, type the command adb sideload path/al/