Annual CMT Results: The Market Continues to Grow and Only Orange Loses Some of Presence

At Engadget Mobile we analyze every month the results presented by the Commission for the telecommunications market in reference to mobile but who sometimes occur can lead to confusion if not analysed also the annual variation where better reflected the State which is the market of mobile telephony in Spain.

After the deactivation of all prepaid lines not identified correctly as it forces (almost 1.150.000) law and the settlement of low operators (MVNOs and Yoigo) cost that continue and will continue possibly giving the best results for a long time due to its low-cost strategy but also to have 93% of the market as a potential new client, the reality is that the annual results are not as scandalous as what sometimes is meant to and all operators are in good shape.

Spain has a total of 52.836.130 lines associated with personal communications (voice and data) and which are added other 1.941.861 associated to machine (M2M) Although the latter won’t them account for results that span best reality.

Compared with data from June of the previous year when we had 51.683.992 lines for voice and data, we see that it is clear that the market continues to grow but we will see in more detail how went you to each operator separately:

  • Movistar It has 22.782.939 lines (0.68% less market but) 145.350 more lines).
  • Vodafone It has 16.173.139 lines (0.66% less market but) 11.555 more lines)
  • Orange It has 10.408.718 lines (0.69% less market and) 129.648 less lines)
  • Yoigo It has 1.711.891 lines (1.11% more market presence and) 611.022 more lines)
  • MVNOs they have 1.759.433 lines (0.91 more market presence and) 508.681 more lines)