Antique Wall Clock with Pendulum

What could be more comforting than the regular ticking and ringing of a clock of old? But choosing and maintaining an old clock is an art that you is revealed here.
The art of choosing and maintaining an old clock
The different types of antique clocks.

The pendulum clock:

A classic, its mechanism is operated by a system of weights that go back regularly.
With any luck, you will manage to find one of these beautiful coins in a flea market or selling bric-a-brac, for the antique shops, the pendulum clocks can reach exorbitant prices.
The wall clock:
Less space, it is easier to integrate in a contemporary interior.
Among the most popular clocks, there is also the original cuckoo whose hours were marked by the appearance of a bird that mimics the cuckoo’s cry.
The famous Viennese clock, meanwhile, is simply a pendulum balance set in a wooden box and glass walls.

The table clock:
Under a bell jar or in a wooden case closed by a glass front, table clocks also have their place on a sideboard, fireplace or shelf.

The radio clock:
If maintenance required by an old pendulum you off, you will certainly enjoy the advantages of the radio clock.
The radio-controlled clocks receiving the time signal from a transmitter with a reference time, such as the atomic clock. Also indicate they still accurate time, without ever need to be refitted. They even spend all only winter time to summer time!

Mechanical clocks should be raised regularly. Most have a mechanical movement of eight days. But for some, this movement lasts one day.
You must go up the counterweight of a pendulum clock before it reaches the end of its travel.
While setting your clock, slightly lift weights to prevent damage to the gear. Do not forget to oil the mechanism time to time.
Clocks ressortse back carefully, if possible by counting laps. Never force the key or the dial.
Maintaining the mechanism and the housing
Do not turn never backwards the hands of an old clock.
Clean lacquer boxes with polish or maintain them with antique wax.
Before transporting a pendulum clock, remove it and lock the fork. For a small displacement, hold the balance so that the clock can at least “rely” on the case.
If you buy an old clock, you have to live with some imprecision, because it does not bear the too frequent adjustments.

Whether for its old charm or to enhance the decor of a room in the classical style, if you opt for a clock and not for a pendulum, make sure you have the space and budget required. Once installed, you will not regret your purchase, by cons.