Apparent Lingerie Combines with All the Biotypes and Ages

Vibrant colors are high for young people, while geometric prints are the bet for more mature women. Expert delivers all the tips for choosing the perfect bra and panties.

If in the past it was hidden underneath the clothes, today the  lingerie not only complements the feminine look but also has become the  highlight of several looks elegant and sensual.

Celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé, and tops like Adriana Lima and Robyn Lawley, do not give up showing the pieces that most value their curves, even though they have different biotypes. But to know what’s on the rise and which part gets better at you, Marie Claire  talked to the thinker of the blog Look of the Day, Paula Martins.

In the 90’s, the lingerie was a strong trend that was being pushed aside over time, but in this heat season, promises to come back repaginated, especially with the tops.

“We are living a fashion of transparencies, cuts, cracks. Now, lingerie plays a key role next summer. I saw important brands that did not produce intimate parts, but that now sell [panties and bras] to compose with the look.”

The movement, according to Martins, forced intimate fashion brands to reinvent themselves, bringing new models to market. “The lingerie is out and not inside. It’s part of the overall look because it’s so much more apparent. ”

According to the expert, younger women are released to abuse vibrant colors, neon style, and also stamping with smaller flowers. One color panties and another bra is a great choice.  “The underside tends to be more crazy.”

For those who are more than 24 years old, the neutral tones are the indication of Martins. Although classic, mixing materials such as Lycra and lace is a good trick. The tip is also betting on tops with crosses on the back, opaque transparencies, geometric prints and sports pieces.

Regardless of age, women with large breasts should always choose structured lingerie to get a good trim. “Whether it is a simpler top or well elaborated, with income or not, it has to have structure”.

Little Bust
Whoever was born with smaller breasts is free to play with bolder parts. “Can use top without structure, without bulge or lateral support”. The statement are also bikini-like bras, with straps at the back.

look better on women with this biotype because they soften the curves and neutralize possible fat. The tip is also valid for those who have high butt. “The best are panties with more support and more neutral”.

Narrow Hip
Thinner with narrow hips look good with thinner or double panties, and “are free to abuse details.”