Apple Could Release IOS 5 GM to End of Month

According to the latest rumors circulating on numerous media, Apple plans to launch the Golden Master IOS 5, which translates as alpha version “ stable ” system and strong candidate to be the definitive, sometime among the upcoming 23rd to 30th September, being handed over to its suppliers in time for the launch of the fifth-generation iPhone in the middle of the month of October. A date that is taking more and more strength among the different possibilities that many have echoed us with the passage of the weeks.

By custom, the Golden Master of the different versions of iOS appeared to date they contained the same code that was finally released as a final version each of the reviews suffered by the platform, so it wouldn’t be surprising that, with time pressing, Apple launched their devices with the aforementioned build of the operating system.

Remember that both Foxxcon and Pegatron, the two main Asian assemblers of Apple devices, have begun production of devices without its subsequent packaging, waiting for a stable version of the firmware.

In this way we are making us the idea of what by all accounts we will find in the course of the next month; not only a new OS for the millions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that circulate around the globe, but that relive the show media around the figure of Apple and your phone. Something that, in a way, has continued to do since a few months ago.