Apple Incorporated HDR Technology and with It to The Developer

So hyped function HDR capturing images on iPhone 4 with the version of the operating system that significantly improves iOS 4.1 It seems to not have left the halls of Cupertino development, but that all seems that this technology has been developed by the British company Externo. Not content with this, everything points to that Apple could not have been left only with such development, but could have been done with the totality of the company.

This small company, specialized in HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, located in Cambridge, closed its own website in early July after the announcement of acquisition made by the investor group Braveheart to which it belonged until now, even to disappearing of social networks Facebook and Twitter.

As you would expect, in the advertisement did not provide additional details about the identity of the new owner, although if there were the 342.000 pounds sterling (403.200 euros) It changed hands in the financial transaction.

What it initially was only a mere rumor was taking shape as a result of certain movements of staff between the two companies. So that Alexis Gatt, Director of engineering at Externo, it would have left the British company at the beginning of last July to become Apple engineer.

All had been there have not transcended the movement happened in reverse at the beginning of the month of September in which three officers of the staff of Apple went on to positions in the directive of the British company. As they say, Apple does not stitch without thread.