Apple Introduces Two New IOS in The Keynote from Today

The keynote today should be geared to the music so it expected an update of the iPods, but as we have already accustomed to surprises we have followed as if they had something interesting phone and it has been.

At the Keynote today Apple He has presented not only a new IOS 4 update but two. The first of these, IOS 4.1, It will be the week that comes with some interesting updates, while IOS 4.2 you will arrive in November with further developments yet.

IOS 4.1

The first thing that has been IOS 4.1 which, to begin with, arranged some of the most talked-about problems of IOS 4: bugs with the proximity sensor, Bluetooth and the iPhone 3G.

But IOS 4.1 not only fix bugs, but it also comes with some nice improvements. The first presented is that the camera will show us our photos in HDR directly. The HDR It is a photographic process that are made two pictures – one overexposed and one – in low light and mix to achieve more contrast and best photos. Photography amateurs do it manually but the iPhone will do it automatically even if we don’t like the result, also leave us a regular in our folder photography if we prefer it.

They have also presented Game Center that has basically incorporated the game group online IOS, which allows us to play with our friends online, or, if we don’t have them, we assigned randomly. Using the social mode of Game Center have shown us ‘Project Sword’, a role play which seems fairly complete to play with friends.

As we have already said, all this will be available the week comes downloading IOS 4.1.

IOS 4.2

IOS 4.2 It will take a little more to come but not much, since you can enjoy it in November, and it will bring us some more novelty. The most important of them all is that IOS 4.2 will be compatible with the iPad providing multitasking and all the benefits of IOS 4 to the tablet of Apple.

Among the innovations that we will see in our iPhones thanks to IOS 4.2 is the possibility of print wirelessly and something called AirPlay, It isn’t more than streamming of audio, video, and photos over WiFi from your computer.

At the Keynote today Apple He has presented more things like iPods, a new and very interesting AppleTV -that would be great to come to Spain with all its services – a new iTunes with an enhanced logo and a so-called music social network Ping, but to read in detail about all this better that you go through Applesfera.