Apple IPhone OS 4.0 Beta 2, Innovations in Multi-Tasking and Egregious Failures

Apple has released the second beta of the SDK of the anticipated Apple iPhone OS 4.0 non-exempt news and some failures that seem to us worthy to beginners and not a signature as the Cupertino. The new firmware is available for the community of testers reported in a single file of 355 MB which will go unnoticed without penalty, largely, due not only to present errors, but the withdrawal of some improvement seen in the first beta of the operating system, despite some visible improvements in the management of multitasking that we can see in video.

Some of the absences may be it return to the current system of inclusion of accented characters, which required a simple long press in the first update. Others, such as the agility of movement of navigation by the system itself and the speed of execution of applications has also been depleted.

Changes made to the visual appearance during the exchange of applications with the Manager one of the few positive aspects of this new beta are multi-tasking, where instead of overlap applications one is very sudden They seem to be slipping by replacing the active application with a more dynamic effect offering a truer sense of the use of multiple processes simultaneously.

Has also been the time-stretch of completed tasks or task completion given to certain applications, which goes from 5 to 10 minutes. Something which, on the other hand, would not be more that were of a more configurable option directly by users.

The different email accounts are now accompanied by the icon of the appropriate vendor, as we see in the photograph accompanying this article with MobileMe, AOL and Yahoo accounts. When is less striking that not happen the same with Gmail accounts, non-be badly thought.

On the other hand, fixed some display problems the application Game Center in addition to restore the appearance of audio controls with a double-tap of the home button from the lock screen.

However, not everything was going to be honey on pancakes. To the slowing down of the system must be added to the lock suffering random form terminal using the camera, which does not record any memory captured snapshots. It has also given to know the bug in sensitivity in some areas of the touch screen, requiring a more insistent and precise keystroke.

Preliminary analysis of the new beta version of iPhone OS 4.0 discourages their installation unless you want to experience a large number of bugs in your brand-new terminal. Let us hope that the system is refined enough for his appearance in the hands of the new model, which will be presented at the end of the month of June.