Apple Is Already Testing IOS 5.0

Ends the month of April and the idea that Apple might surprise friends and strangers with an event that would be the system operating iOS 5.0 these days vanishes at times. Not so the existence of this platform, which It seems to be being tested by Apple in cahoots with its partner AT & T operator, as evidenced by the screenshots of reports received by the developer.

Device numbers correspond to the iPhone 4 and the iPad first Gen, being the first one that forwards errors from an IP that 9to5Mac partners identified as the headquarters of the mentioned American operator, being the origin of the decision about what Apple said be already working.

It seems that the cause of all this is the application “WhereTo”, a search engine with augmented reality attractions, which suffers from a bug that returns the user to the system due to the API MKUserLocationBreadCrumb, which refers to the maps of iOS geolocation functionality.

For it would not be surprising that Apple was working on making improvements in their services of maps in order of put an end to its dependence on Google in this sense, at the time that puts the controversial record of movements of which much has been said in recent days a day.

Either way the truth is that everything points, as they have already “predicted” some analysts, that iOS 5 will be presented officially by Apple at the World Wide Developers Conference 2011 to take place in San Francisco between 6 and 10 June. Which would would give the time needed to prepare for their arrival by the hand of a fifth-generation iPhone after the summer months the Cupertino.

We must bear in mind that the fact of that iOS 5.0 is this testing on existing hardware, It doesn’t necessarily mean that terminals such as the iPhone 3 g have the ability to be updated the new platform for reasons of performance of the device itself. Something which, as we all know, already occurred previously.