Apple Makes Flexible Use of Development for Its App Store Applications

Apple brags of having revolutionized the way in which develop and distribute applications for mobile devices at the present time. However many programmers who have opted for iOS as a platform for launching their new products have been months echoing of the extremely closed development environment of them, motivated by the excessive control and security in Cupertino want to impose. Something that seems to touch to an end following the announcement of the removal of certain restrictions regarding development tools.

The Apple brand claims he had a good consider certain opinions sent in by several hardworking programmers regarding certain taxation included in the developer program license iOS at the beginning of this year, more specifically that are mentioned in sections 3.3.1, 3.3.2 and 3.3.9.

Obviously, the only condition imposed by Apple is that the resulting applications do not download any code affecting the safety of the environment or of different terminals that can make use of them. Thus, the door could open to creating programs with platforms as controversial as Adobe Flash CS5.

With the purpose of making a little more transparent all tasks of management’s own App Store, Apple also is in full preparation of the App Store Review Guidelines to help developers to ‘ understand ’ techniques and scales used by the company for the validation of applications that are submitted to them.

Without saying that this operation could be interpreted as a facelift which is of maintain and increase the number of applications in its online store, fundamental support for the continued success of its terminals.