Apple Publishes 5 IOS 5 Beta with Some Interesting Novelty and Already There Is Date for Beta 6

As happened in the publication of the beta 4, Apple surprised friends and strangers by publishing a new version “ nearly ” short of what will be your new and anticipated operating system for mobile devices. Like this, iOS 5 beta 5 build 9A5288d is available to developers, which have not taken anything to discover than the code download OTA of the new beta is mentioned the on Wednesday August 17 as the date for the emergence of iOS 5 beta 6.

The guys at Cupertino seems to be putting all the meat on the grill for remove the large number of failures to iOS 5 It presents at the moment, with the objective to have the platform ready for his alleged publication of face to the implementation underway icloud and the supposed emergence of mobile devices of last generation, both in the field of telephony and portable music players.

The new beta is largely resolved some of the errors detected in the operating system code. But as always, some seasoned developer has found the clues to reveal one of the novelties that quite possibly the system bring with it at the time of its premiere.

As apreciereis in the image, an icon with a microphone appears right next to the space bar. This seems to occur when one function called “ Dictation & #8221;, It is not another thing than a speech-to-text function, which would allow us to begin to talk into the microphone of our iPhone as this recognizes and converts to text each of our words.

Something similar to what already applies the Dragon Dictation with great efficiency and whose company, Nuance, seems to have put at the disposal of Apple the technology needed for its implementation, with the advantage of not being necessary a data connection in real time for the conversion of voice to text, in addition to proceed to the introduction of text directly in the corresponding application, without resorting to cumbersome “ copy / paste & #8221;.

Both the name of the function and its incorporation in the final version of the operating system could change before its release, although for the time being shown as a possibility with many options to be true.