Apple Released IOS 4.3.3 in Two Weeks and Will Remove The Location Registry

Apple has taken seriously all the commotion caused by the registration of a geographical location which made their terminals, to the point that the own Jobs had to go to the step with a few always succinct clarification, as well as strong. So much so that to rectify the problem it will incorporate a number of changes in one minor update of the operating system that will be available in the course of the next two weeks.

Apparently iOS 4.3.3 It will include, in addition to improvements in the performance of the batteries in the devices, it will considerably reduce the sizes of the database that stores the records of location, because quite possibly reduce the storage time up to one week of antiquity, at the time that will end with the dump data to each sync iTunes.

However, many users are waiting for since arose the controversy, is know as prevent the operation of such registration of location and continuous data collection.

By what we can guess, only disabling the functions of localization in the terminals we can prevent that database to increase the number of stored records. But with iOS 4.3.3 will be possible to perform a full erase It carried out the same procedure.

Something that is intended to clear the shadow of doubt in respect of the transparency with which Apple makes use of certain data.