Apple Talks about The Registry Locations, and Prepares an Update

Resulting in fact that was Steve Jobs that appeared to ensure that they are not following the movements of its customers, today is the company that has decided to skip to step through a series of questions and answers that will help us to understand the situation.

The controversial file is intended to keep track of the position of (telephone and WiFi) antennas that surround us, never the user’s position (although with less precision, you can get). Its mission is to help the A-GPS to work faster and more efficiently.

We cleared up that file remains on the phone and is growing with the information that will be collected, and when this is sent to Apple, is encrypted and without any kind of relationship with the user.

Apple will remove problems with the topic preparing an update, it the historical movements will be limited to seven days, something like what we mentioned yesterday with “Find my phone” Windows Phone 7.

In a way that is relatively current information, but that is not mounted a historic locations of the life of the phone. Also inform us that we will be able to put it to zero when we create suitable.

Taking advantage of that we speak of the subject location, we can read The Register, which the dependence of the mapping service that has Apple by Google could happen to be history. Apple would be working on a similar service, in fact recently a company has bought Canadian/French which develops software that works with maps.