Apple Watch Phones

This year is the first smart fans watch from Apple should wait for the second generation. That, according to well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuoa bring improved bowel packing watches the other hand, waiting for the most cosmetic changes.

Although it is already clear that the latter Watch the market on an annual basisnot manageand watch therefore likely to have a longer life cycle than, say, an iPhone, a similarity between the two products will be here after all.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assumes that the Second Watch will also see new hardware, but a jacket and overall design should vary only slightly or not at all.

Exactly such a strategy while Apple applied for years now with the iPhone, where direct follower gets better hardware and a new look to the next generation. Another common denominator watches and Apple phone could be a system of signs, the next watch could thus get instead of a numeric designation only epithet “S”. Some striking design changes, such as significant thinning, so we will see sooner than next year.

Watch S, however, should offer the necessary battery with greater capacity and improvements could also affect the display. Although its basic attributes, size and resolution, therefore, unlikely to change, it speaks of readability panelin direct sunlight.

Watch sales this year, according to analyst considerably weaken

Specific hardware parameters of the next Watch, however, a leading analyst at KGI Securities in their outlooks delayed. Posted however, estimate this year’s sales, according to which Apple could sell around 7.5 million pieces of watches.

If his assumption filled signaled by a certain saturation of the market for wearable electronics, last year’s sales of Apple Watch is estimated to be approximately 10.6 million. And it went extra watches on sale until mid-April.

Regarding sales Watch, yet we have to settle for being alone with a variety of analysts’ estimates, Apple is still not in a report on financial results with sales of his watch did not show, the tables are hiding in the group of other electronics.

Known so far is not the timing of the second Watch the market. At the beginning of speculation about March performances, the star of a recent press conference, however, eventually was malliPhone and iPad reduced to (see smartphone on sale no contract).

Today, as seems probable, and possible next two terms.The first would be unveiling innovative watches under the WWDC developer conference, which this year will take place from June 13 to 17 in San Francisco, California.
The second option would be that Apple Watch new state along with the new iPhone in September. Finally, the first Watch the premiere snubbedalong with the iPhone 6, but the entry into the market then lingered for more than half a year.

Watch the early introduction of new signals blanket cheapening of the current model in the US for $ 50.The aluminum version size 38 mm there starts at $ 299, then men’s version is on sale for $ 349 (7 200 to 8 CZK 300), but both prices are without local variable excise duties. Domestically, the fundamental option to purchase directly from the manufacturer at 9,490 crowns.