Aqua Fitness Exercise Equipment

The practice of type

Fresh water aerobics

Made with soft muscle strengthening, with stretching and some cardio work: aquayoga, aqua stretching .

Aquagym Tonic

The exercises are more focused cardio fitness with a more sustained and muscle building work: aqua bike, aqua, aquarunning …

Soft Materials Aquagym

For convenient fresh water aerobics, flotation belt is ideal.

It allows you to float whatever the depth of the water at your water aerobics.

So you can make your movements more easily and work your abdominal belt.

Tonic Water Aerobics Equipment

If you practice the tonic water aerobics, you can use three types of accessories to work your upper body that are offered at NEWVILLEOUTDOOR.COM:

-Webbed gloves: Neoprene, these gloves provide moderate resistance.

-Foam dumbbells: dumbbells you can fill these with water to adjust the weight of the dumbbells by the intensity you want to give your session.

-Ballasted bracelets: chlorine resistant, they adjust to your wrist with Velcro straps.

Slippers Of Aquagym

The main feature of your shoe is water aerobics adhesion.

It must be anti-slip you afford to carry your water aerobics session without slipping!

For a model 100% adherent and more comfortable, choose neoprene socks.

They bring more support and agree to practice tonic water aerobics (aqua bike, aqua, aquarunning …)