Are You Looking For Fabrics For Swimsuits and Bikinis?: All the Trends of This 2017

Just start the year and full costs of January, we consider what will be the next trends we’ll see in swimwear: swimwear, triquinis, bikinis, pareos… An endless number of varieties that we hope to be able to enjoy in a few months. If you’re looking for fabrics to make your next bathing suits, we want to give you all the keys on trends, both in tissue (where the lycra is postulated as the winner), and stamping and figures which are and which suit best.

1. the secret is in the print

If you want your swimsuits and bikinis to prevail next summer, you can not ignore that the prints that will be most are tropical and the ethnic, a clear triumph of vivid colors and cultures of the warmer areas of the planet. That we saw in the last edition of the warm Gran Canaria fashion runway – where wore spectacular items that will be on the beaches this 2017 – great references to these colorful prints. Also floral prints continue to be trend this year – as we see proposals of Etam in the cover-image, but always with brightly colored and mostly white or black funds.

In bathing suit on the left, mark haze – bet by the ethnic print vivid colors (which include the pink hues, oranges and yellow) combined with braided tassels and beads metallic appearance. To his right, Agua Bendita gives us a tropical print consisting of very realistic drawings of plants and fruits on blue yellow and blue background in lycra.

Victoria Secret also brings in its spring-summer catalogue 2017 bikinis and swimsuits with floral on a white background, as we can see in these two images that we have selected, which highlights the colors pink and lilac (left) and blue (right):

We recommend stamping Tropical Style, curious design Tokyo, stamping FloresArt or any of the ethnic designs that await you in our swimsuit and bikini collections at

2. the best fabric for swimwear

We are experts in tissues and that is why we recommend polyamide (lycra) to make your bathing suits and bikinis. A fabric with elasticity and subject is variables, according to your needs and interests, and which also allows a fast drying. And what is even better: quality of the colors and the clarity of the design are unmatched, so it gets very good results.

When betting by swimwear for young people, we recommend fabric with a clamping average, something that you can get with Cities & Songs or Monday, lycra fabrics also suitable for sportswear and to make underwear for a young audience and that can learn more reading in our section on fabrics.

«Standard» bikinis and bathing suits require a greater clamping (for young women and adult) tissue, what we recommend the Sunshine fabric: a fabric of polyamide for all audiences. If you are looking for is a high grip sizes, stuffed or orthopedics, tissue Blue Moon – widely used in America for the manufacture of swimwear for large sizes and sashes – is just what you need.

3. shapes protruding figure

Now that you know what fabrics you need and prints which are, you should know that the beaches this year will be full of bathing suits with wide necklines and words of honor. In addition to these two trends, two-color combinations with trap: two real distributed in stripes or a unique color that is interspersed with skin colors. Below you can see several examples produced by signatures (from left to right) Aurelia Gil, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Vevas. Latter, mixed with the sporty Beach style, two very entrenched in the street style trends.

Flyers and large volumes not only carry on the clothes of street as we have seen in previous posts, also will be owners and masters of the beaches and pools. Designed to give volume in those parts that want to stand out (we remind you that the ruffles in the chest area visually increase its volume, as well as prints), the flyers remain trend:

Vintage style (both in the print and design) is perfect for the design of swimsuits and bikinis for this season. Bikinis high panties and tops with pretty fabric are trend, although they may have problems when it comes to soak up the Sun, by the unsightly marks that tend to leave, so they are more suitable to go to evening beach parties or for girls with skins with little tendency to Tan:

But not only lycra fabric is suitable for our clothes, cottons are also valid for making garments like the sarong, a must in our beachwear. So if in addition to looking for fabric for sarongs, you want to bring a sustainable dot to your designs, we recommend our organic cotton fabric, from which you can enjoy on our website and in the collection under the name of Organic Vienna. In addition, all the prints of our collections are waiting for you to give a personal touch to your sarongs.

To you expect to start preparing yourself for next summer?