ASUS Tranformer Prime Is Updated-Download Android 4.1 Now

ASUS Update now their transformer Prime TF201 tablet for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

So is Asus ready with their first Android 4.1 update, which is now on the way out to the transformer Prime TF201 customers worldwide, including Denmark.

It is Asus Denmark there via their Facebook page advertises with the new update that was supposed to be starting to hit the first customers.

However, they write, to update rolled out over time, and we therefore need to have patience with the update.

No Adobe Flash

After the update removes support for Adobe Flash since Adobe does not support Android 4.1 or later, however, you can visit the Adobe download page here, and download Adobe Flash 11.1 for Android 4.0.

A guide on how to install Adobe Flash on its Android device again, can be read here.

To manually search for the update for its tablet, go into the settings on your phone/device, system updates, from here you can search for new updates.

There is even nothing new about Android 4.1 update for the first transformer tablet, TF101.