Avon Ultra Color Lipstick Review

The Avon brand won one more point with the chicks, Yes, after his campaign in favor of real women’s beauty : “beauty that makes sense”, where their own dealerships are the “models” of photos and videos of their campaigns.

Tall, short, chubby women, skinny girls, Blondes, Brunettes, black, white, yellow, Brown, young, old, with braces, scar … anyway, real women in their campaigns.

Now the Avon launches its collection of lipsticks in gel: Ultra Color Revolution, with super soft texture, like a moisturizer and that traditional bullet format, but without the wax composition, which help fix the color though, dries out the lips. For who’s biting your fingernails anxiety, here’s the good news, the lipstick in Ultra gel Color Revolution will be available for sale in Themakeupexplorer from 7 August. The price of each is R$ 29.99.

So, you want to let us know more about the collection?

Although it contains no wax in your formula, the lipstick has beautiful colors and a gel that provides increased hydration, allowing an incredible feeling on the lips, in addition to maintaining the beautiful color and a finish different from any other lipstick!

Below, the campaign of Avon, for “normal” women as models, with the goal of raising their self-esteem, so that all women in their varied styles, feel beautiful and powerful, betting on sentence: Take the lipstick right to a woman and she will conquer the world!

Above, the lipsticks in long awaited collection Ultra gel Color Revolution, which came to revolutionize the kinds of textures of lipstick!

The collection is composed of 10 beautiful colors with a slim, super practice that fits into any nècessaire.It is worth mentioning that the gel is transparent, that is, it does not interfere with the pigment color of lipstick.

The colors are:

-Carmine Mystery
-Elegant Mauve;
-Vintage Pink
-Fatal Raspberry
–Nude Special
-Vibrant Coral
-Urban Rose
-Pink Modern
-Purple Orchid
-Pink Silk

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It is worth mentioning that all colors cover well, but have short attachment, and this is because of its finish gel, but it’s worth it for the amazing colors and texture.

And although not kill effect, being creamy, they are not those that flow, that is, you can bet without fear of being happy!

Want to see the colors more than close?