Baby, Yes, But Which Doll?

The infant is prominent in the games and the awakening of small, that it is symbolized by a simple stick or a real swimmer. Which one to choose for your child? Our point.

Baby: at what age offer a doll baby?
Before 12 months, children do not clear distinction between stuffed animals and Dolls: thus, they ‘fold’ (launching) as well a soft teddy bear as a refined doll. Between a year and 18 months, the pups begin to be interested in the realism of the dolls, especially if you show them the example by playing with them. It is only to 18 months- 2 years that interest will be growing.

Baby: what size you choose for this doll?
No need to choose the bigger to impress baby, you might… just impress him, but not in the good sense of the word. The chosen doll must be proportionate in relation to the size of baby : too great, not only it would be unwieldy, but in addition it would not necessarily want to Junior to take care and protect!

Baby: what model do you choose?
One year, opt for the small babies that can get in the bath. It was during this moment of relaxation that your child will benefit the most. Later, to avoid the dolls all plastic, not the easiest to handle, cuddle and dress. Prefer the padding foam or small ball, with just the head, arms and legs made of plastic. Go to the “plastic” to 2-3 years, age whereby children gain dexterity and precision of gesture and will dress them more easily.

Baby: should the doll look like baby?
Contrary to what one might think, kids love not necessarily resembling be mistaken for real babies dolls. Difficult indeed to integrate it as well a toy when colors, shapes and weight suggest us that it is a ‘real’ baby! Don’t be afraid therefore to go to dolls to the simplified face or a bit cartoonish, for a fun look! Finally, infants who speak, walk, breathe are certainly doing their little effect for a few days, but children have enough imagination to dispense with its options and make it ‘live’ otherwise!